Ingathering to Support Afghan Refugees

    September 15, 2021 | Missions & Outreach | Giving by First Church

    The Wisconsin Conference of the United Methodist Church is hosting an ingathering of clothing and blankets for the Afghan refugees currently housed at Fort McCoy. This mission opportunity is another way to support these families if you have not already done so.

     New clothing items are preferred, but like new, gently used and laundered items are acceptable. To see a complete list of items needed, please CLICK HERE. That link includes another link with a list of acceptable items available from Amazon.

    To be consistent with and respectful of Islamic clothing requirements, please bring only the items listed and follow preferences exactly, (i.e. solid colors, long sleeves, etc.). Any size blanket is acceptable but please choose solid colors.

    Tightly secure the bag or box you use for brining items and label with the contents, (i.e. women’s clothing, mixed women’s and infant clothing, etc.).

    Bring your donation to the church any time between now and noon on Friday, September 24th. Hours for dropping off items at FUMC are 9 – 2, Monday thru Thursday, and on Sunday from 9 – 12:30.  (The parking lot will be congested during the Community Breakfast on Wednesday morning, 8:30 – 11:30.) Look for the cart at the front door of the narthex and place your items there.

    Thank you for your help! These families arrived as refugees, fleeing persecution. Now they are our neighbors.