New Associate Pastor, Ran Yoo

    June 16, 2021 | News | Worship | Announcement by First Church by Staff Parish Relations Committee

    We are excited to welcome Pastor Ran Yoo! She will begin her full-time responsibilities with us in early July. Her first Sunday preaching will be July 11. We are excited to welcome her with a reception on July 18. She sent us a sweet introductory video

    Ran Yoo transitions to us from New Horizon United Methodist Church in Orfordville, WI, a smaller congregation than ours, and one where Pastor Ran has encouraged all to truly live out their faith inside and outside the church building. She is currently in the process of wrapping up her work with that group.

    Ran Yoo is originally from Seoul, South Korea, and graduated from Garrett Evangelical Theological Seminary in Evanston, Illinois. We were excited to learn that her field work during training was at the Chicago Temple. There she was under the guidance of Phil Blackwell, who many of us remember as our interim pastor here at First Church prior to Mark Fowler’s arrival. Her work at Chicago Temple was primarily in the area of outreach and mission to the homeless community. Her seminary coursework included at least two classes taught by the Rev. Dr. Mark Fowler. They assure us that the student-teacher relationship will continue in both directions as they work together as Lead Pastor and Associate Pastor.  Ran Yoo’s immediate family includes her clergy husband, and two beautiful children, ages almost 4 and almost 1.

    Pastor Ran described herself as a ‘people person’, and said the practice of evangelism is important to her, and she described it as helping us encounter Jesus right here in our midst inside and outside this building. She acknowledged having room to grow in her own spiritual life. She knows our expectations that she will lead the areas of Children, Youth, Young Adults & Young Families, and that she will give guidance to the various community mission components of Hope’s Home Ministries. She is tech-savvy, a travel-lover, and looks forward to learning about downtown Madison. Ran and her husband are featured in an article on pages 15-16 here.

    Let us support her, work alongside her, and open our hearts to love her.

    -Laura Lenzen, SPRC Chair