Pastoral Care Update

    September 15, 2021 | Pastoral Care by Paul Melrose by First Church
    In my time as your Assisting Pastor for Pastoral Care I have witnessed God’s hand at work in the pastoral care that exists in our congregation. Requests for prayer, those who offer to pray, those who reach out to see how their neighbors are doing, many offering to buy items for those who find it a challenge to get out…The list could go on. And that kind of care among us continues. In the spirit of God’s love for all and to love our neighbors as ourselves, I pray that we will more directly expand our pastoral care to God’s world.
    While we reach out in care through our Hope’s Home Ministry I want to lift up at this time those who serve our communities through fire, police, emergency techs; those who work in healthcare; those who work in education at all levels; those whom we call essential workers who work at all those jobs of importance in so many service occupations and grocery stores, etc. With Covid still a scare, still finding its way to infect, these people listed above are serving even to their own risk. They can use our prayers, our thanks when we see them, generous tips when we use services, sharing with our legislators and other government officials our concern for the safety of all and how we can make all safer.
    May the spirit of love we see in our congregation continue to spread throughout those who serve, often above and beyond their call. They thank you. You are instruments of God’s love and care. Grace and peace.
    -Rev. Dr. Paul Melrose