Reopening FAQs

    June 24, 2021 | News | COVID-19 Response | Reopening | Worship by First Church
    Click here for the June 20 order of worship, to follow along in church or at home.


    What is the mask policy? ---updated 6/23

    Masks are no longer required for people who are fully vaccinated and attending worship in person. Clergy and staff will wear masks whenever they are interacting with children who are too young to be vaccinated. We understand and affirm the need for some of our congregation to continue wearing masks during worship.

    Will there be paper bulletins, and can we use the hymnals and Bibles in the pews? ---updated 6/23

    No, we will not be printing paper bulletins, due to environmental concerns. We have a link at the top of this page for you to follow the order of service online. We will have words on screen whenever the congregation is participating in worship, as well as lyrics to all the hymns and music ministry pieces.

    What about Children’s and Youth Sunday School and adult education? --- updated 6/9

    Youth Sunday School is meeting each Sunday. Adult education will begin the hybrid model on Sunday, June 13. We will meet at 11 on the second floor of the church, as well as over Zoom.

    How will communion work? ---updated 6/4

    The ushers will have pre-packaged communion kits in baskets to hand guests as they enter the Sanctuary. Ushers will wear gloves, and guests will leave cup waste in pews, to be cleaned later.

    For those attending worship from home, we will continue with gathering bread and juice in your home and joining virtually.

    Will we be able to sing? Will there be live music? ---updated 6/23

    Yes, we are enjoying live music and congregational singing every Sunday.


    When will the (non-live) virtual worship video be posted for people who attend from their homes? ---updated 5/26

    They will be posted on our YouTube page, our website, and on Facebook. The only change with Facebook is that it will not post as a live premiere. We will be live streaming for anyone who is attending from their home, and who is available at 9:30 am on Sunday morning to watch it live. After that, it will be available any time at the links listed.


    What time should I arrive for Sunday in person worship? ---updated 6/4

    The worship service begins at 9:30, and we will be opening the church at 9:00. We are no longer requiring formal check-in or assigned seating. Please arrive a bit early, and you can find your own seat with comfortable distance from other people.


    What safety procedures will First Church have in place? ---updated 6/23

    All HVAC systems where people will be gathering will be continuously run for two hours before the worship service, and continue for another 2 hours after all persons leave the gathering space. 

    Will there be changes to any of these policies?

    As we go through the reopening process together, and as the COVID situation develops in Madison, in Wisconsin, and beyond, we will be as flexible and nimble as possible and make changes that reflect the current situation.


    Will the bathrooms be available?

    Yes, with some modifications – certain bathroom stalls will be marked off.


    What about our Fellowship and coffee hours? ---updated 6/23

    We are currently having Fellowship time from 10:30-11, outdoors. We will update when there are any changes. 


    Will the Pastors be greeting people individually?

    For the continued good health and safety of our clergy, we are sorry to say that they will not be at the exit doors to greet people. We continue to look forward to the day when we can safely shake hands and hug each other.