Sharing Our Journeys, this week

    June 23, 2021 | Stories | Adult Christian Education by First Church
    The Sharing Our Journeys class meets every Sunday morning at 11:00am both in person, and via zoom. This class will continue in a hybrid format weekly.
    Sharing our Journey class will have an exciting speaker on June 27. Her name is Theresa Duello. She will be speaking on Misconceptions of 'Race'. The premise of her talk is about ‘Race’ as a social category, not a biological or genetic entity. This talk discusses why we are confused about ‘race’ and how we fix it. She will be with us via Zoom. Our class will be in a hybrid mode for those who would like to meet in person and those who will be attending via zoom.
    If you have not been attending and would like to do so, please email Rich Oliver or contact Rich by phone, at 573.999.0759.