The Persistent Woman

    November 20, 2021 | News | Racial Equity and Justice by Mark Fowler

    Christmas looms large on the horizon of these days. In the judicial affirmation of protected vigilantism and terror that so often visits communities of color, I yearn for the coming of the Prince of Peace, the reign of love and the equity of justice. I yearn for Jesus’ beloved community.

    The trials in the wake of the Kenosha murder of Joseph Rosenbaum and Anthony Huber paired with the trial surrounding the murder of Ahmaud Arbery are only the most recent in a long line. In the faces of the grieving families I saw in the most vivid relief the countenance of the widow before the unjust judge. No longer is the Luke 18 parable long ago and far away, but it is the experience of so many who seek justice for their loved ones in a system and judicial framework that has worked to favor the experience of whiteness over the experience of color, especially African Americans.

    In a brief parable in what I have come to know as the “healing gospel”, Jesus calls us both to empathy and courage for persistence. Jesus calls out those who would dismiss the voice of the widow as a “bother” and encourages the compassionate and sustained witness of the church in recognizing the pervasive injustice in our justice system and the way it is carried out. “I will see that they get justice and quickly.” May peace, love and justice finally prevail this Christmas.

    Mark Fowler

    November 20, 2021