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For Thursday 7/25, here is the weekly enews supplement.

Terracycle items, please bring to church on July 28 and any Sunday in August:

Please bring only the following items for this project:
 Non-recyclable packaging from any brand of cleaning products,
(pumps, caps, triggers and soft pouches)
 All Brita® and PUR® brand product packaging, filters, faucet
mounts, adapters
 Non-recyclable bottles, tubes, cases and compacts from hair,
skin care and cosmetic products—any brand
 Used toothpaste tubes and caps, floss cases and manual
toothbrushes—any brand
 Plastic bags from bulk cereals, inner plastic liners of cereal
boxes—any brand, (cereal bags only, no grocery bags or any
other soft plastic bags)
 Foil-lined wrappers from granola bars, protein, energy and
meal replacement bars—any company, (no candy wrappers)
 Bags from potato chips, popcorn, pretzels, tortilla chips,
cheese puffs and any other salty snacks—any brand
 Aluminum drink pouches and straws—any brand, (no juice
 Pouches and caps from squeezable fruit and veggie snacks—
any brand, (i.e. Go-Go Squeez)
 Entermann’s brand Little Bites® pouches
 Disposable markers and pens—any brand
Make sure all containers are empty to prevent messes.
 Place items in bins located in the church entryway.

In addition to keeping tons of items out of landfills or from incineration,
(a costly and potentially polluting process), TerraCycle
supports non-profits that help with their recycling program.
Winnequah Elementary School in the Monona Grove School District
participates and receives a small cash reward for each item.
 Where will the Green Team take my recyclables? All items
will be taken to Monona Public Library where volunteers
pack them into boxes and prep them for shipping to TC.
 Who pays for the shipping and recycling? Corporate
sponsors cover these expenses.
 How can I help support this project? Join us from 1:30—3:00
on the 4th Sunday of each month at the Monona Public
Library to box the recyclables!
 Who can I talk with at FUMC to learn more about this project? Contact Green Team member, Josie Gobel. Call her at 920-988-
0705 or email her at To learn more
about TerraCycle, go to:
about-terracycle/history, or search for videos on You Tube.
 How else can I help? The very best way to manage waste is not to create it in the first place. Challenge yourself to avoid buying products in packaging you or someone else will later toss. Buy in bulk; bring your own containers/bags; make/prepare your own snack foods, fruits and veggies; avoid disposables; buy second hand.



Call for Volunteers - Hawthorne Elementary School

Hawthorne Elementary School is looking for volunteers to assist in the operations of its new in-school food pantry (opening August 2019). Pantry volunteers find fulfillment in meeting pantry customers and providing support to families facing food insecurity.


We are looking for:


  • In- pantry volunteers to help stock, inventory and arrange food and greet and assist patrons. We will need two volunteers weekly to work in the pantry from 7:30 a.m. until 10:30 a.m. on Mondays and two volunteers from 11:30 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. on Thursdays. Shift volunteers may occasionally need to lift up to fifteen pounds. Total time weekly: 3 hours

  • Delivery and pickup volunteers to pick up weekly food orders (e.g. from Second Harvest Foodbank of Southern Wisconsin, 2802 Dairy Drive, Madison, WI 53718) or to shop for specific fresh/frozen foods at local grocery stores and deliver the food to Hawthorne Elementary School. Lifting and transfer sometimes more than 20 pounds is required. Days and hours are flexible. Total time weekly: 2-3 hours.


For further information, please contact Tang Yang, Hawthorne School Social Worker, at or (608) 204-2528 or Joel Wish, Co-coordinator Food For Thought Initiative at or (608) 228-9389.


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