Our Lay Leadership

The model of governance in The United Methodist Church is a partnership between the Lead Pastor along with the staff and a Lay Leadership structure.

Lay Leader

Lay governance is an important and critical part of our life together and the fulfillment of the vision for our church in its missional commitments.

Our Lay Leader, Abby Ehringer, seeks to articulate that vision within the governing structures and within the congregational life.  

Abby Ehringer - Lay Leader 

Church Council 

The Church Council oversees the ongoing development of the vision, mission and resources of the congregation.

ELLEN CARLSON - Chair, Stewardship Liaison

Caroline Altfeather - Liaison to Children's Council
Richard Betz

Erin Hastey, Secretary
Connie Haessly - Vice Chair
Tom Wochos - Treasurer

Paula Primm - LGBTQ+ task Force Liaison

Ex Officio:
Rev. Dr. Mark A. Fowler, Lead Pastor,
Tina Lang, Executive Associate Pastor

Standing Committees 

The committees that resource the Church Council for its decision making are as follows.

Board of Trustees

Bruce Marion, Chair
Bryan Burris, Secretary
Bruce Marion
Bill White
Tom Gobel
Jim Reynolds
Donalea Dinsmore
Sarah Emerson
Carrol Spencer
Mike McCary
Mary Andreas
Brooke Seeliger - Staff Liaison
Dennis Anderson - Staff Liaison

Ex Officio:
Kelly Walling, Financial Systems Coordinator
Dennis Anderson, Facilities Supervisor

Finance Committee

Lindsay McCary, Chair
Tom Wochos, Treasurer
Frances Ramsey
Ellen Carlson, Chair, Church Council
Joan Deming, Chair, Stewardship Committee
Ann Herrold-Peterson, Chair, Staff Parish Relations Committee
Tim Casper
Debbie Kutchin
Tom Gobel, Liaison, Board of Trustees
Darren Wasniewski

Ex Officio:
Rev. Dr. Mark A. Fowler, Lead Pastor
Kelly Walling, Financial Systems Coordinator

Staff Parish Relations Committee

Ann Herrold-Peterson, Chair
Bobbi Foutch-Reynolds
Jonathan Drewsen
Kate Heling
Marilyn Smith
Ben Senson
Doug Maynard
Ellen Coatney
Abby Ehringer, Lay Leader
Doug Knudson, Lay Leader, Annual Conference

Ex Officio:
Rev. Dr. Mark A. Fowler, Lead Pastor
Tina Lang, Senior Associate Pastor

Stewardship Committee

Joan Deming, Chair
Don Schultz
Max Varner
Milton Ford
Margo Fisher
Rich Oliver
Ellen Carlson - Church Council Liaison

Ex Officio:
Rev. Dr. Mark A. Fowler, Lead Pastor
Kelly Walling, Financial Systems Coordinator

Lay Members to the Annual Conference

We are connected to the wider ministry and decision-making authority of The United Methodist Church through our delegates to Annual Conference.

Abby Ehringer, Lay Leader and Alternate
Bobbi Foutch-Reynolds, Lay Member
Doug Knudson, Lay Member
Ann Herrold-Peterson, Lay Member

Annually and at other times as required, the church holds a Church Conference that expresses our connection to other United Methodist Churches, specifically in Wisconsin. The meeting is presided over by our District Superintendent who represents our Bishop and he work of the wider United Methodist Church.



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