Here at First Church, we are attentive to the head, heart and spirit of all of God’s creation. We explore the faith framework through which we encounter the world.

Spiritual Formation Opportunities

Sunday Classes

Adult classes are offered year-round. Some classes are in-depth studies of current topics and a corresponding book; others are special topics of interest. Participation is welcome on any or all Sundays. For the current class topic, please check this week’s calendar

Sharing Our Journeys 

Every Sunday, resuming September 10 in the chapel and on zoom
Via Zoom, email Rich Oliver to join the discussion

Sharing our Journeys is a weekly forum that offers participants the privilege of getting to know and provide support for each other and to grow in faith through optional sharing. The sessions are structured loosely enough so that one can drop in or drop out as schedules permit. No registration is required and no printed materials are used. Please consider this your warm invitation!  

Emergent Theology 

Every Sunday11:15 AM 
Via Zoom, Email Joan Maynard to join the discussion

Join this lively class as we read and discuss books that challenge us to grow in our understanding of theology and the modern world.  

"If theology is the work of defending antiquated ideas of reality, then one might as well call the Death of God the death of theology, too.  Galston challenges this notion with two types of theology — covenant and enlightenment — in order to address a larger question: What is the value of religion for the future?"

Wednesday Racial Equity and Justice Discussion

On hiatus until September 8 - Every Wednesday evening at 6:00 pm, this class addresses issues around race and whiteness, by reading books, viewing videos, and discussion. We have read and discussed several  books and resources and then divided into action groups so that we might hopefully find ways to reach out and build bridges into our community. Email Rich Oliver to join the discussion.

Read more about the Racial Equity and Justice Ministry here.

Native American Acknowledgement Group

Read more about our Native American Acknowledgement Group here.

United Methodist Women

All women are invited to become active members of the United Methodist Women. It is not necessary to be a member of the United Methodist Church in order to participate.

Walk the Labyrinth and Restore

The labyrinth is an ancient path of prayer. It is not a maze; it has no dead ends. A labyrinth is a simple, two-way path leading from an entrance to a center and back out again. Walking the labyrinth is a metaphor for walking the sacred path in our everyday life.

For centuries, people of all backgrounds have found the labyrinth to be a helpful centering tool. The pattern of the labyrinth invites us to move quietly, thoughtfully, and deliberately to a central point and back. The simple process of moving to the center often prompts a “letting go” and an ability to focus clearly on one’s deepest needs, concerns or potential.

Come walk the labyrinth – discover a way of prayer, a way of being in communion with God.

The labyrinth is built into the carpet of the Chapel on the second floor of the building. Guided walks are scheduled occasionally, but the labyrinth is also available for private use by appointment. Please contact the church office at   to inquire about availability. 

Lyons Lecture Series

The David P. Lyons Lecture in Theology was established to honor the memory and ministry of Rev. David Lyons. Each spring a distinguished scholar is invited to share insight and understandings in the areas related to theology, biblical interpretation, religious history, and spirituality.

Grounded in a deep and abiding faith, Rev. Lyons opened windows and doors for seeing and knowing God outside the usual human parameters defining God.

More about this year's Lyons Lecture

Contributions to the Lyons Lecture or Endowment can be made here.